There’s a Donkey on the Label

When you think of Sangria, do think of a Donkey wearing a Wheres Waldo type Swimsuit lounging on the beach, or is that just me…

We added a NEW Sangria to the “Direct to the Bear” portfolio and we’re pretty excited to share it with you! Borriquito Sangria now sits on the shelf waiting for you to give it it’s forever home. This brightly colored blue and red bottle features a summertime beach theme with the hippest donkey I’ve ever seen.

Inside the bottle sits a deep ruby red color with fruity, orange and lemon, aroma notes. This Sangria has a nice sweet, spicy and rich flavor, great structure with a lasting finish.

At $10.99, Borriquito Sangria is sure to be your new summertime favorite.

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