Say Hello to your NEW Summer Refresher…in January?

Corona has just entered the FMB Market. What’s an FMB you ask? FMB stands for Fermented Malt Beverage. Other FMB’s you might be familiar with are the likes of Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Jack Daniels Country Cocktails. Those are just two of dozens in our market.  Now that the education portion of my post is complete, let’s get to the NEW Corona Refresca!

Corona Refresca is a premium spiked refresher that brings the taste of the tropics from Mexico to you. Available in Passionfruit Lime and Guava Lime, it’s a bright, flavorful malt beverage with 4.5% ABV and natural fruit flavors. Crisp, flavorful, and never too sweet, Corona Refresca doesn’t sweep you away to the tropics, it brings them to you.

This Friday, January 25th, we’ll be hosting a FREE Sampling of the the NEW Corona Refresca Premium Spiked Refresher at both Big Bear Wine & Liquor Stores.

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