Big Bear Wine & Liquor Pick Up

Curbside Pickup is Here!

Big Bear Wine & Liquor customers can now go directly from online to no line with the introduction of a new curbside delivery program.

The curbside program, which launches today at Both Big Bear locations, has designated parking spots for those who have ordered their drinks online, and wish to have them delivered straight to their vehicle. There is no charge for the curbside service, and there is no minimum purchase amount required.

Customers simply order online at or download the newly developed Mobile App. They’ll then call the number on the Curbside Pickup sign when they have arrived at the store. A Big Bear employee will then walk out to the vehicle with the delivery within minutes.

“Enhancing the customer experience is an integral part of our strategy. This is just our latest effort to make the shopping experience as convenient and effortless as possible,” said Brian Lucas, Co-Owner of Big Bear Wine & Liquor.

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