Cave Women

Do you have what it takes to “Brave the Cave?” Let me introduce you to a couple of phenomenal females that have not only Braved the Sixteen Hundred square foot frozen tundra that is the Beer Cave, but have made it their B!*@h. Those women are Kendra Baker and Tarryn Newton.

I sat down with both Kendra and Tarryn the other day to chat about what it’s like to be in a typically male dominated industry. Having one female beer manger is far from typical. Having two is all but unheard of.

Kendra, let’s get straight too it. What’s it like?

It’s hard. I feel like we’re put on a pedestal for being women in the game but at the same time it’s very empowering.

Can you explain? When a customer takes one look at me they assume I don’t know what I’m talking about. But I also have the best relationships with customers when they find out it’s a woman that has helped them find the beer and they can say this is my beer lady.

Tarryn, what’s your take being in a male dominated industry?

Awesome! I genuinely feel special being able to do something women don’t usually take interest in. I constantly feel pressure to step up my game in an always changing and growing industry.

So all positive?

Not exactly, I dislike how some male customers dismiss me and what knowledge I do have because I’m female. I also love the looks on their face when they realize they made a mistake in assuming I don’t know what I’m doing.

Anything else you’d like to add? Just that this position constantly challenges me and motivates me to set goals for myself and the company. Something I wouldn’t have done before now. I LOVE and feel so blessed to have a job that I love to come to everyday.

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