Big Bear carries a variety of ice cold domestic and craft beer kegs in stock and can special order imports and other specialty kegs that are available from our distributors.

The kegs we carry in-stock can be reserved by calling (719) 561-8542. Special order kegs must be pre-paid before the order can be placed. Taps loaned FREE with deposit!

Special orders usually require a minimum of one-week lead time.
Please note that kegs are available in three different sizes, but not all types of beer come in each size.


beer keg

Deposit Pricing

Type of DepositBrand of KegDeposit Amount
Keg ShellAll$30
Import TapCall for DetailsCall for Details

The purchaser has 30 days from the date of purchase to return all rented equipment for a full refund.
If you bring in a keg shell and are purchasing another keg, Big Bear will waive the shell deposit fee.

Servings Per Keg

Keg Size# of 12oz Drinks
1/6 Barrel (5.0 Gallon)50
1/4 Barrel (Pony Keg)80
1/2 Barrel160

Call (719) 561-8542 for pricing.